Our Accreditations

Learn more about our industry accreditations, and why these mean you can have peace of mind with one of our solar systems

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    Why you should choose a NAPIT member:

    "It is important that you get work done by competent people working for businesses who are committed to quality, safety and customer care. NAPIT certificated scheme members have demonstrated their competence, they hold the necessary insurances and have the right processes and procedures to assure compliance."

    NAPIT registered installers are:

    • Able to complete work safely and to legally required standards

    • Regularly assessed to provide assurance of their ongoing competence

    • Capable of working to the very latest health and safety regulations

    • Able to provide you with the necessary certificates to demonstrate the regulatory compliance of the work they do. These certificates may be requested by tenants, insurance providers and solicitors and may be needed if you are looking to let or come to sell your property.

  • MCS Certified Installer

    An MCS certified installer is required for you to be able to sell your excess energy back to the grid.

    "MCS certification demonstrates the quality of products and promotes the competence of installers of renewable energy technology.

    To achieve MCS certification, contractors are asked to demonstrate how they engage the services of skilled, competent, and experienced individuals in roles to fulfil each activity required to meet and maintain the requirements of the scheme.​

    This includes confirmation of the competence of those individuals involved in the supply, design, installation, set to work and commissioning of microgeneration systems for which the company is seeking certification."

    Our MCS accreditation number: NAP/30791/22/3

  • Solar Edge Partner

    Solar edge is our preferred inverter manufacturer which we have been installing since 2013, the reason we like solar edge is because of the following:

    • real-time panel monitoring

    • longer 12 year warranty for inverters and 25 years for optimisers

    • emergency low voltage switch-off of solar panels meaning a safer system for your home or business

    • excellent customer care and problem resolution from support line

  • RECC Member (Renewable Energy Consumer Code)

    The Code sets out the high standards of consumer protection in marketing, pre-contractual information, quotations, deposits, contracts, guarantees and after-sales service for domestic consumers (referred to as Consumers in this Code).

    As members of the Renewable Energy Consumer Code, firms agree to abide by the Renewable Energy Consumer Code. It covers all the factors that contribute to a high standard of consumer service, before, during and after a contract is agreed

    These include:

    • clear information on the systems planned and their performance

    • acceptable sales and marketing techniques

    • arrangements for installing and connecting the system

    • the selection and quality of goods supplied

    • details of the conditions of business that apply

    • the standard of any installation and other on-site work

    • guarantees, and any maintenance and after-sales services needed

    • what action will be taken to deal with any problems, and

    • arrangements for monitoring and continuously improving the Code.