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Below you will find testimonials from our customers from East and West Sussex about the solar projects we install, and what its like to work with us

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Domestic Solar with Bird Protection

We’re really pleased with our solar panel and battery installation by Savent Solar.

They were knowledgeable and responsive; costs were transparent so there were no hidden costs; and they replaced our gutters, fixed our roof and cleaned our fascia boards at the same time. We have already recommended them to friends and neighbours.

Even on cloudy days, we’re covering 96% of our electricity usage and we’re saving on gas too as we are heating water via the immersion heater rather than gas boiler.

Diane, B




Domestic Solar with Bird Protection

Thank you so much for your helpful recommendations.

It was obvious from the responses that we got from our enquiries that there are companies out there operating at the cowboy end of the market, prepared to whack something up at low cost. Others, seemingly more established and dealing in better quality products, were offering surveys a long way ahead, and an unspecified wait for panel deliveries and installer time.

One company stood apart, however, who was prepared to talk through the options in detail, explain that we had what amounted to the perfect roof in terms of direction and lack of shading, and had suitable panels available in stock or on short delivery. Their quote was far from being the lowest of those we had received, but the panels and equipment on offer were all top quality.

As a result we had our panels installed today by Savent Solar. We are waiting for the electrician to connect them to the house system. We have ordered a battery - Michael had some in stock, but they were unnecessarily large for our needs so he can install the correct battery in a few weeks when his new stock arrives. Apart from a minor problem with the scaffolders (actually turned up too early) everything so far has gone really smoothly and professionally.

We will certainly recommend Michael Yeoman and Savent Solar to several people who have asked us for opinions, knowing that we have just gone through the process. We will say they won’t necessarily get such quick service, and his quote won’t be the lowest. But they will get good equipment, properly installed.

Thanks again for pointing us in the right direction

Bill and Judie, T