Bird Protection for Solar Panels

Prevent damage to your solar panels from birds, rodents, and debris.

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Why you need solar panel bird protection

Protect your investment with solar bird protection.

We offer solar panel bird protection in Sussex that will prevent damage to your solar system, increase efficiency and reduce the maintenance it may require over its lifetime. When carrying out solar panel protection from birds, our team is able to repair or replace parts of your system that have been damaged.

Find out how to protect solar panels from birds below.

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An image of a solar system where a solar panel has been removed to gain access to the bird's nest underneat, which has caused damage to the panel.

Prevent System Damage

Bird protection is vital to ensure the longevity of your solar panel system. Birds, squirrels, and other rodents may damage the panels themselves or the electrical wiring that connects them to your home, causing electrical leakage.

This damage causes your solar panels to produce less or no power, increasing your payback time and reducing the money they save you. What’s more, it’s vital from a safety perspective that your solar panels are clean and damage-free.

Solar panel bird protection kits are relatively inexpensive ways to ensure your solar system generates maximum power for as long as possible. W highly recommend investing in solar bird protection during installation, or have it retrofitted to an existing system. Contact us for solar pv bird protection.

An image of a person clearing out dirt and twigs from under a solar panel without bird protection, before fixing the damage caused by animals.
A closeup image of solar panels in West Sussex that have just been installed with bird protection.

Reduce Maintenance

Birds can nest underneath your solar panels if you do not have bird protection. The nests act as a form of insulation, leading to your solar panels retaining more heat. This reduces their efficiency, losing you both power and money. Solar Panels bird protection prevents this happening.

Bird spikes are ineffective solar bird protection, as they can still get under the panels and nest. They also do not prevent other animals such as squirrels or debris from damaging your solar PV system.

In order to properly protect your panels, you need specialist solar panel bird protection kits installed. At Savent Solar, we've installed countless solar bird protection kits across Sussex and the South East.

Preserve Solar Panel Efficiency

Solar panel bird protection will also help prevent the build-up of debris. Items such as twigs, leaves, plastic bags, and other debris that can be blown about by the wind may get caught underneath your solar panels.

Similarly to bird nests, the build-up of these items underneath your solar panels can lead to them heating up, becoming less efficient, and producing less power.

This can be especially problematic during autumn and winter when the leaves drop, the wind picks up and you need your solar panel system to be working at maximum efficiency.

An image of wire mesh bird protection on the tops of solar panels showing how difficult it is for animals to get underneath.

Professional Fitting

As an MCS-qualified solar PV installer we are able to remove solar panels, clear nests and bird droppings. We are then able to install solar bird protection without drilling into the side of the panels which invalidates warranties. We fit long-lasting rust-free galvanised steel mesh together with UPVC clips. Beware of pest control companies that are unable to remove solar panels to clear underneath and do not fix the bird protection to the solar panels effectively.

To find out more about our solar bird protection services across Sussex and the South East, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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An image showing how bird protection and solar panels can be made to fit on any kind of roof space.

How Is Solar Bird Protection Attached?

The solar panel bird protection kit consists of special non-penetrating tags that are attached to the edges of the solar panel. Protective steel wire mesh is then cut, shaped, and moulded around the perimeter of each section of solar panels to form a continuous barrier that prevents entry under the panels. This mesh is then placed over the tags and held in place with retaining discs that lock onto the tags.

Solar bird protection is an inobtrusive and effective way to protect your solar panel investment.

How We Protect Your Warranty

As a professional solar PV installation company we always adhere to the manufacturer's installation recommendations to ensure the longevity of your solar system, and to minimise problems in the future.

You can rest assured that our solar panel bird protection services will not affect your warranty in any way. To find out more about how to protect solar panels from birds, don't hesitate to contact us.

An image showing a neat installation of steel mesh animal and rodent protection on solar panels in Sussex.
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