Commercial Solar Installation in Sussex

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An illustration of a business that is powered by renewable energy, including a commercial solar installation. The business has electric company vehicles it uses for transport.

Solar Power Saves Your Business Money

Installing commercial solar power lets you generate your own electricity, reducing your expenditure on gas and electricity. Running a business is tough, but investing in commercial solar power will help reduce your long-term overheads.

Sell Energy Back to the Grid

You can automatically export the excess energy you generate from your solar panels back to the grid, further reducing your energy bills and making your business money.

Take Control of your Business's Energy

Solar power enables your business to be self-reliant rather than depending on the national grid. Battery power storage as part of your commercial solar system allows your business to utilise that energy optimally. At the same time, solar-powered immersion water heaters can significantly reduce the amount your business spends on heating its commercial spaces.

Your spending on bills and electricity is placed in your own hands, and you won't be so affected by rising energy rates.

A large warehouse and covered parking structure with solar panels to generate electricity for the business.
A small business solar system installation on their flat roof utilising a flat roof mounting system.

Become a Green Business with Commercial Solar Panels

Consumers are increasingly conscious of working with responsible and sustainable organisatons. By installing a commercial solar system you are becoming a beacon of renewable energy within your local community.

Do your part to protect the environment and help the UK move away from reliance on fossil fuels.

Charge Your Electric Vehicles

Your commercial solar system can charge your electric company vehicles, saving your business money on logistical and fuel costs, while reducing travel expenses for employees with EVs. A smart commercial solar system can integrate with a variety of EV chargers, and we can work with you to create a bespoke solution that fits your organisation’s needs.

Protect your business from grid outages

Solar power enables you to be reliant on your own energy generation rather than the national grid, leaving you less exposed to changes in energy prices. Modern commercial solar installations are clean and reliable, even in a country like the UK. However, for your peace of mind, we are now able to provide back-up from grid outages with new battery-based back-up.

Take Control of your Energy

Commercial solar panel installation enables your business to generate its own electricity, meaning you can save money on energy bills and reduce your carbon footprint. Combine your commercial solar panels with other renewables such as wind-power or heat pumps to further reduce your emissions and save money.

Our expert, Sussex-based solar panel installers can create a completely bespoke solution for your needs.

A very large building of a business that has had a large solar installation put on.
An overhead cover of a car park that keeps cars in shade with solar panels installed on it to make use of the space above the car park to generate electricity for the business.

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