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Domestic Solar Systems in Sussex

Solar Power For Homes & Businesses

We’re experts in solar panel installation. Installing solar panels has plenty of advantages, including:
    • reduce your energy bills
    • sell solar energy back to the grid
    • reduce your carbon footprint
    • prepare your home for the future
    • charge your electric vehicle
    • heat your hot water

Investing in solar panels can save you money and will pay for itself over time. We’ve helped thousands of satisfied customers across Sussex and the South East do their part to protect the environment and help the UK move away from reliance on fossil fuels by installing a solar panel system.

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A house in Brighton in Sussex that has had solar panels installed on it's south facing roof.
A very large building of a business that has had a large solar installation put on.

Commercial Solar Systems in Sussex

Bespoke solar power systems for business and public buildings in East & West Sussex

Our commercial solar panel installation services can help you to:
    • Reduce your overheads
    • Sell energy back to the grid
    • Become a green business
    • Charge your fleet of company electric vehicles
    • Take control of your energy
    • Potentially increase the value of your property

Commercial solar panels can make a real difference to your business. Make the right decision and engage with a trusted solar power panel installation company & service provider.

Attract environmentally conscious customers away from your non-green competitors.

By adopting solar you are becoming a beacon of renewable energy within your industry and local community.

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Bird Protection for Solar Panels

We offer a range of protective measures and bird protection for your solar system

Solar panel bird protection can:
    • Protect your solar system from damage
    • Reduce maintenance costs
    • Prevent damage from other pests and rodents, as well as birds
    • Prevent build up of debris (leaves/twigs/bags/etc)
    • Maximise your energy production

Without bird protection for solar panels, rodents may get underneath and create nests, chew wires or otherwise damage your solar system. We offer a range of options for solar panel protection from birds and other factors that can hamper the performance of your solar system and cost you money.

Our solar bird protection service is perfect for existing or new solar systems, to protect your investment and ensure it operates at maximum efficiency.

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An image showing how bird protection and solar panels can be made to fit on any kind of roof space.
An image of a person cleaning the solar panels of an older solar installation in Hove in Sussex as he performs a whole system maintenance after removing the panels to inspect them and putting them back.

Solar Maintenance, Cleaning, and Our Other Services

The other ways we can help you with your solar system to keep it running optimally, or help you with a new or existing installation

We offer a variety of other solar services:
    • Solar system maintenance
    • Repairs of an existing solar system
    • System checks
    • Solar panel cleaning
    • Solar system expansion
    • Unique or bespoke solar solutions

We offer a variety of additional services across Sussex and the South East to ensure the longevity of your solar system.

Contact us to find out how we can resolve any issues with your existing solar system. Don't worry if we didn't install your solar system, we're still happy to help.

We also offer completely bespoke solar solutions and installation services across East and West Sussex. We install solar panels to fill almost any unique requirement, such as barns, sheds, stables, and ground-mounted domestic systems if you have extra space you would like to utilise. However and wherever you may need your solar system, we will work with you to make sure you get the best solution.

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Off-grid solar to make you energy independent

Professional Off grid solar systems – for beach huts, mobile homes, back garden offices, stables, food trucks, remote properties, basically any outbuilding that is off grid and needs power.Whilst installing both domestic and commercials systems across the UK we often have enquiries about smaller off grid systems to power cabins, beachhuts, caravans, mobile homes, sheds, stables etc to run low power 12v LED lights, charge phones, power stereos or charge batteries.We have found that smaller off grid systems on the market were often poor quality or flimsy and over priced. We have put together professional solar PV systems with the components that we install for both our commercial and domestic customers. All of these components are of high quality that will last double the life of these inferior systems at a lower price per watt.

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A small cottage in Sussex that has had a large amount of solar panels installed so it can generate renewable energy.
A small section of pitched roof on a house that has had three solar panels fit into the space, the solar panels have wire mesh bird protection on them.

Renewable Heating

Renewable solar heating that helps keep down your gas bills as well as electricity

We offer combined renewable solar and heating systems, these heating systems typically use an Air Source or Ground Source Heat Pump which either runs on free solar PV electricity or by using low cost off peak Economy 7 or 10 energy. Air and Ground source systems benefit from the Government’s Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) which pays the customer a cash sum to help cover the higher cost of a renewable boiler.

These systems often have storage batteries attached and can provide a lower cost heating and hot water option than on grid gas. For customers that are currently off grid using either LPG or oil based systems, replacing these can provide significant savings and a quick return while benefiting from the Government's RHI payments.

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Ground Mounted Systems

Ground mounted solar panel installations for open spaces

Ground-mounted solar systems are a popular choice for homeowners and businesses looking to install solar panels. Unlike rooftop solar systems, ground-mounted systems are installed on the ground and are not limited by the size or orientation of the roof. This allows for greater flexibility in the design and installation of the solar system, and can also result in higher energy output due to the ability to optimise the placement of the panels.

Ground-mounted solar systems offer several advantages over rooftop systems. For example, they are easier to install and maintain, as they are installed at ground level and do not require climbing onto the roof. They also offer greater flexibility in the placement and orientation of the panels, which can result in higher energy output.

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A small field where a domestic ground mounted solar system has been installed in Sussex.