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We offer solar panel maintenance services across East & West Sussex to keep your system in optimal condition and running at maximum efficiency.

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Our Solar System Maintenance Services in Sussex

We provide maintenance services for your solar panel system, across Sussex and the South East, to ensure it keeps you powered for years to come. We recommend solar panel servicing every 1-2 years to ensure you get the most out of your system. Maintain maximum efficiency, keep your electricity bills low and avoid wasting energy with our Sussex solar maintenance services. We can travel across East and West Sussex, as well as into Hampshire & Surrey.

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What Our Sussex Solar Maintenance Service Includes

Our Solar maintenance service includes everything you need to feel safe in knowing your solar panels will be there to generate you electricity for years to come.Our Sussex-based solar maintenance service includes a combination of a physical and software check, cleaning, and a report with recommendations for further optimising the energy generation your solar panels. As part of our maintenance service, we can also recommend improvements and upgrades such as battery installation, panel replacements or anything else required.

Physical condition check

We inspect every part of your solar panel system to check its physical condition and ensure that you're not leaking power. This allows us to inform you of any damage that's occurred to solar panels, or identify potential issues that may arise in future. This also includes a check of the electrical parts of your solar system. This is vital from a power generation as well as a safety aspect.

A Savent Solar installer replacing a faulty optimiser under warranty in an existing solar system
An image of a person cleaning the solar panels of an older solar installation in Hove in Sussex as he performs a whole system maintenance after removing the panels to inspect them and putting them back.

Full Sussex solar panel cleaning

As part of our solar maintenance service we thoroughly clean the surface of your solar panels. This removes debris, grime, and anything else that may reduce the amount of light that gets through to the panel's cells. This can have a signifcant impact on power generation and help you reeach maximum efficiency.

Cleaning your solar panels is essential to keep them generating their maximum power. Over time, algae, moss, and other dirt can build up on the surface of your panels, blocking out some of the sun light and reducing the amount of energy they produce. Of course, in Sussex we have our famous seagulls and their droppings can impact your solar panels.

Full maintenance report and recommendations

Once the solar panel maintenance inspection is complete, we will send you a full report of your system's health, including a breakdown of how much energy you have generated and how it compares to the calculated estimate of what your generation should be. We will also provide recommendations for optimising your solar system to generate more power and save you money.

A flat roof in Brighton in East Sussex that has had solar panels put on it, the image shows how the frame of the mounting system supports the panels.
A house that is in the middle of having a solar system installed on multiple parts of its roof using scaffolding to access the roof.

Software check

Utilising your solar system's software*, we are able to check the health of individual solar panels, optimisers, batteries, and inverters and assess the efficiency of your system.

This lets us take a closer look into just how well your solar system is performing, and allows us to help you get the maximum energy out of your system.

*Software is dependent on the manufacturer of certain components of your solar system. This is why we always recommend using SolarEdge, because of their easy to use management software that gives you better insights into your solar power system.

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