Domestic Solar Installation in Sussex

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Reduce your energy bills

Solar panel installation lets you generate your own electricity, reducing the amount you have to pay for your energy bills.

Your spending on bills and electricity is placed much more in your own hands, insulating you from rising energy prices. Our solar systems can work with other renewable energy tech such as EV chargers, heat pumps and wind turbines.

Sell energy back to the grid

Automatically export excess energy you generate from your solar panels back to the grid. Not only making you money but providing green energy directly to the grid.

Get more out of your solar with EV charging, hot water, and energy storage

With a home battery you can store excess energy from your solar panels, and take advantage of cheap nighttime energy rates to store electricity for later use.

Your solar system can charge your electric vehicle, saving you money on charging costs and making your car journeys completely emission-free. A solar-powered water immersion heater lets your solar system create hot water for you as well, reducing your gas bill as well as your electricity bill. We install completely bespoke solar and renewable energy systems for your needs.

A small cottage in Sussex that has had a large amount of solar panels installed so it can generate renewable energy.
A house that is in the middle of having a solar system installed on multiple parts of its roof using scaffolding to access the roof.

Help save the planet

By switching to solar energy you are actively helping to save the planet. Solar power reduces your carbon footprint, and the energy you consume won't utilise fossil fuels or produce emissions. Only 15% of houses in the UK need to have domestic solar panels installed for the entire country to run off of completely green energy.

Prepare your home for the future

Everything you interact with is gradually getting smarter, and your home is too. Solar PV helps facilitate the installation of air-source and ground-source heat pumps by generating electricity to power the pumps. This helps provide free hot water through the immersion controller, reducing the workload of the heat pumps and further saving electricity.

Your domestic solar system not only allows you to power these devices but will interconnect with other smart systems in your home, to give you more insight and control. Our domestic solar installation helps homes in Sussex reduce their carbon footprint.

Take control of your energy

Solar power enables you to be reliant on your own home rather than the national grid, meaning you won't be victim to increases in energy prices.

Your spending on bills and electricity is placed in your own hands, helping you through the cost of living crisis.

Protect your home from grid outages

A domestic solar installation allows you to be reliant on your own energy generation rather than the national grid, meaning you won't be as impacted by increases in energy prices. We are now able to provide back-up from grid outages with new battery-based back-up. Of course, if you want to go completely off-grid, we can create a bespoke domestic solar system for you.

A flat roof in Brighton in East Sussex that has had solar panels put on it, the image shows how the frame of the mounting system supports the panels.
A small field where a domestic ground mounted solar system has been installed in Sussex.

Bespoke Solar Solutions

We design and install domestic solar systems to fill your unique requirements. Domestic solar panels can be installed in many places such as barns, sheds, stables, garden offices, garages and more. We can also install ground-mounted domestic solar systems if you have extra space you would like to utilise. However and wherever you may need your solar system, we will work with you to make sure you get the best solution for your needs.

Whether that's to maximise the number of solar panels you can fit on your roof, or to make the most of an unusual space, our expert installers will design the perfect system for you.

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Learn more about how a domestic solar system works

Read our information page to find out more about the parts of a solar system, how it's installed, and how it generates you electricity.

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