Other Sussex Solar Services

We offer a variety of other services, such as solar panel maintenance and repair, to keep your system generating as efficiently as possible

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Our Sussex Solar System Maintenance Services

Maintenance for your solar panel system, across Sussex and the South East, to ensure it keeps you powered for years to come. We recommend solar panel servicing every 1-2 years.

Full maintenance report and recommendations

Once the solar panel maintenance inspection is complete, we will send you a full report of your system's health, including a breakdown of how much energy you have generated and how it compares to the calculated estimate of what your generation should be. We will also provide recommendations for optimising your solar system to generate more power.

Physical condition check

We inspect every part of your solar panel system to check its physical condition and ensure that you're not leaking power. This allows us to inform you of any damage that's occurred to solar panels, or identify potential issues that may arise in future. This also includes a check of the electrical parts of your solar system.

Full solar panel cleaning

As part of our solar maintenance service we thoroughly clean the surface of your solar panels. This removes debris, grime, and anything else that may reduce the amount of light that gets through to the panels cells so that you can generate power optimally again.

Software check

Utilising SolarEdge's software, we are able to check the health of individual solar panels, optimisers, batteries, and inverters and assess the efficiency of your system.

An image of a person cleaning the solar panels of an older solar installation in Hove in Sussex as he performs a whole system maintenance after removing the panels to inspect them and putting them back.

Solar system alterations

We provide solar system alterations and updates across Sussex and the South East. If you have an existing solar system that you are unhappy with, want to add to, or need to alter in another way we are able to do this. Don't hesitate to contact us and we can discuss your solar requirements.

We fix cowboy installs

As energy prices have risen, the number of cowboy solar installers has too. We have lots of experience putting right solar projects that have been poorly installed, leaving you without a certified solar system that works properly.

Solar Panel System Removal

If you need to have your solar system removed for any reason, such as building work, we are able to do this properly and in the correct way, ensuring that none of your solar panels or mounting system are damaged in the process.

Add to your solar system

We are able to augment your existing solar panel system with extras such as batteries, immersion water heaters, electric vehicle charging, or simply adding more solar panels to increase your generation.

Solar Bird Protection

Bird protection is essential to prevent birds, and other rodents from nesting under your solar panels or damaging them. Bird excrement is corrosive and can cause the power cables to leak electricity, and animal nests will insulate the underside of your panels causing them to heat up and reduce their efficiency.

Services to Keep Your Solar System Healthy

We offer a variety of specialist solar panel maintenance and repair services across Sussex to keep your system operating efficiently and for as long as possible. Solar panel servicing and and maintenance is essential to protect your solar investment.

Solar Panel Repairs in Sussex

We offer repairs and replacements for solar systems that have been damaged, whether this is animal damage, a cracked panel, weather damage, or any other, we are able to get your solar system working again.

Solar Fault Resolution

If your system has stopped working or you have a fault with a solar panel, inverter or optimisers, we can help bring your system back online. Don't let faults and poor solar maintenance prevent you generating electricity and savings. We can assist in warranty claims, fault resolution and insurance claims.

Solar System Checks

We inspect and service every part of your solar system to make sure everything works as it should. We can tell you about any damage your panels may have sustained, and prevent future issues from arising. We'll check the solar panels, as well as any wiring, batteries and other electrical components.

Panel Cleaning & Servicing

We thoroughly clean the surface of your solar panels, this removes debris, grime, and anything else that may reduce the amount of light that gets through to the panels' cells so that you can generate power optimally again.

A Savent Solar installer replacing a faulty optimiser under warranty in an existing solar system

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We offer solar panel cleaning, maintenance, servicing and repair all across East Sussex, West Sussex and the South East. If you need solar maintenance services in Sussex, don't hestitate to contact us for your free quote. We're always happy to help!

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